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Products & Services

At GB Stone, we strive to fulfill all of your landscape needs, taking care of construction as well as maintenance. Our yard is fully stocked with everything from concrete and natural pavers, various decorative and practical mulch, soil and aggregates, as well as armour stone and other natural products. We hope to become your one stop shop for all hardscape and softscape needs!

GB Stone is a fully stocked paving stone yard. With brands like Unilock, Oaks by Brampton Brick, Permacon,  and Triple H, finding the best choice for your landscaping needs is no difficult task!

Privacy walls, garden beds, tree rings, and more; GB Stone is fully stocked with your retaining wall needs. Carrying wall products from Unilock, Oaks by Brampton Brick, and Permacon.

GB Stone offers a variety of loose aggregates, ranging from practical use aggregates (HPB, Clear Gravel, Concrete Sand) to aesthetic aggregates (Riverstone, Pea Gravel, Crushed Brick). All aggregates come in both bulk and bagged amounts.

GB Stone offers a variety of soils and mulches to meet both the practical and aesthetic look of any landscape. All soils and mulches are made on site at the Gro-Bark facility. These products are available in bulk and bags for pick up and delivery.

To accompany your landscape construction needs, a variety of different construction materials are available. Ranging from typical 10" spikes, polymeric sand, to brick edging and filter cloth, you can find almost anything you need at GB Stone!

Throughout the winter months, GB Stone will supply contractors as well as public consumers with bulk and bagged road salt. Service will be 24/7, and a loader will be reachable via phone. ProMelt Slicer will also be available in three different types for all your de-icing needs.

Stone veneers offer a quick, and easy way to face a house, shed or decorative structure (pillars, etc.). We carry Cultured Stone, Dutch Quality, and be.on Stone. Visit our sales trailer for information and sample boards.

With a wide selection of natural stone pavers, steps and treads, GB Stone offers many different answers to your landscaping needs. We also carry various sizes of armour stone as well as different sizes of ledgerock, waterfall rock and natural flagstone.

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