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Look and Installation Patterns

Stone Look
From an overall perspective, your landscaping concept must align with the look you have decided to pursue. The look will determine your property's style and consequently its personality. Decide the patterns in which you will lay out your bricks, slabs or pavers. To achieve beautiful results, the selected patterns must match with the architectural elements of your home.
Stone Look
  • Traditional feel
  • Even shapes
  • Straight edges with clean contours
  • Monochromatic and ranged colours
  • Time-honoured feel
  • Old Europe style contours (edges) and surfaces (textures)
  • Ranged earth tones
  • Uneven contours that vary a little or a lot
  • Ramges of natural textures in a single product
  • Ranged earth tones
  • Modular and Modern
  • Straight and clean lines
  • Monochromatic colours
Installation Pattern
  • Asymmetrical alignment
  • "Flagstone" style
  • Discontinuous alignment
  • "Cut stone" style
  • Even alignment
  • "Brick" style
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