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Terms & Conditions

Please look over the following terms & conditions regarding our procedures.

Terms and Conditions

•All accessories, bulk product (mulch, soil, aggregate), and products sold by weight are final sale.

•No product may be returned without proof of purchase. It is at the discretion of GB Stone if returned goods are accepted.

•All returned goods are subject to 25% restocking. This includes cancelled staged/prepared deliveries.

•All returns must be in original packaging. Broken/incorrect bundles/sections/layers are not accepted.

•All purchased product must be picked up/delivered within 30 days of purchase.

•Refundable pallet charge $40. Each pallet is subject to a $5 usage fee.

•Deliveries are curbside only. All deliveries past curbside are the responsibility of the purchaser and at the driver’s discretion. 

•The customer is liable for standby time if offloading is delayed at delivery site, at a rate of $98/hr.

•Vehicles will not be overloaded. It is at the employee's discretion if they will or will not load.

•GB Stone is not responsible for damage due to overspill from our loaders.

•GB Stone is not responsible for color variations, efflorescence, and other manufacturing defects.

•Product and pallets must be returned during the same calendar year for a valid refund.

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